The Team

Our team of chefs are the true stars of the show, we call them ‘The Performers’. They flex their creativity with what the season holds in store, all sourced from rural pockets all over Malaysia. What happens when The Performer gets free rein? An unforgettable dining experience that piques interest and maintains intrigue with every move.


A true food lover and always the one to finish off the left-overs in the fridge. His childhood years were spent in enjoyment standing next to his grandmother in the kitchen, prepping and cooking together.

With such a strong family bond strengthened by cooking and sharing meals, he values food as more than something that fills the stomach, but as a gesture of love taught by his parents.

He wanted to become a chef ever since he was 10 years old. He worked part time at a noodle stall in his Kampung. However, he got a taste of what it’s like being a chef since he was six.

Having graduated from Berjaya University as a certified and professional chef, he seized the opportunity to work with masters of the fine dining scene. 

When he is not unlocking new recipes, he spends his free time watching movies. His keen eye for detail excels in the kitchen, where he ensures everything under his radar is performed seamlessly.


Born in the peaceful town of Taiping known for its kopitiam culture. He often revisits the memory of a wanton noodle stall next to a Chinese Temple runned by twin aunties and the curry chicken and nasi kunyit from the kopitiam in town. Up till now, he can vividly recall the smell of burning charcoal and spices when cooking chicken in his grandmother’s kitchen. These are the memories he carries with him and got him through his transformative years moving to a big city to further his studies.

In the big city he came to find that people are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to food. But to him, nothing compares to what he grew up with in Taiping.

He then followed his cousin sister’s footsteps and enrolled in Berjaya University in pursuit of his culinary passion. He fell in love with cooking when mastered the art of filleting fish and meat.

Yong Zhi’s involvement in his high school marching band shaped him to be a true team player. Today, he orchestrates teamwork within the kitchen and keeps coordination in check.

The Sommelier


Dennis is a true wine connoisseur and people-person with an extensive experience and knowledge in food and wine.

He has spent more than 15 years in the hospitality line but his fascination and love for it burns bright until today.

Dennis is a passionate Sommelier, with an extensive experience and knowledge in food and wine. The passion for wines and sommelierie comes when he had the opportunity to take care of the extensive wine cellar at Resorts World Genting. Under the guidance of the Wine Director, he passed WSET Advance Certificate in Wines & Spirits and Certified Sommelier exam by the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Over the years he has worked for DC Restaurant, EQ KL and Cinnamon Group, developing his craft of curating award-winning wine lists. During his free time, he likes to travel and experience good food, culture and nature.

Today he is the head sommelier at Eat & Cook Restaurant.



Steve Lee is a chef with a particular interest in the science behind food. His time spent working abroad granted him the chance to learn from masters that sprang from culturally diverse backgrounds. With his broad exposure came a greater understanding of food which gave him the confidence to venture into more experimental and playful realms of cooking.

He buried his nose in culinary books where he discovered new ideas, methods and flavours. He is the ‘Idea Man’ behind the team, constantly cooking up new ways to create memorable journeys through food.


A businessman armed with a demanding tongue that has taken him through a gastronomic journey around the world.

Although his foodie adventures opened doors to many delicious and bewildering experiences, his heart is in the richness of his motherland’s unique culinary heritage.

With that came his brainchild, Eat and Cook, where he aims to nurture a new generation of budding cooks poised to take local cuisine to a worldwide audience.

He spends his free time visiting new restaurants and drinking wine while chit chatting with friends.


From time to time, we invite guest chefs to jam with us on The Stage. With only a given theme, they will cook up a delightfully unpredictable journey of the senses. This also gives us the opportunity to reach out to other chefs in the community seeking to take up the challenge and showcase their skills.