Only the finest and freshest ingredients will do when it comes to our menu. As the seasons change, so does our menu. You enter with an appetite to eat and our chefs will decide what to cook for you – right in front of you. We invite you to leave your expectations at the door and let yourself be surprised. We will do our best to accommodate your dietary requirements, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests. Please indicate all food allergies and intolerances when you request a booking. There is a possibility that we might not be able to meet your request according to your dietaries restrictions or preferences.

Chapter 3 Menu – 初chú
( January 8th – April 30th 2022 )
Price:  RM 398++

Wine Pairing: 
( January 8th – April 30th 2022 )
– 4 Glass Wine Pairing (Continental Climate) : RM 270
– 4 Glass Wine Pairing (Mediterranean Climate) : RM 250

We have a list of beverages specially curated to best pair your meal with. Don’t hesitate to ask our Sommelier for recommendations. SEE MENU