About Us

The name of our restaurant sums up what we’re about. You enter with an appetite to eat and our chefs will decide what to cook for you – right in front of you. We believe food presents us with a special opportunity to bond, interact and create memories in a significant way. We want to take you on a deliciously enjoyable journey to places you haven’t been, creating a shared experience with a loved one or loved ones.

We invite you to leave your expectations at the door and let yourself be surprised, whether you’re a true foodie, a food critic, or just someone looking to have some fun with friends and family.

Our philosophy stems from the Omakase tradition of giving the chef creative freedom on deciding your courses for you. Every dining experience is delightfully unpredictable and artfully prepared to engage all your senses.


With the spotlight on fresh seasonal ingredients, we make magic out of inventive flavours with world-class ingredients from the heart of our homeland. Take for the example the Malaysian cocoa produce that is used for world famous Belgian Chocolate, that is something we’re loud and proud about. We bring to the table local cuisine crafted with international standards for a sensational culinary journey that goes beyond just food. It is an emotional experience, one that also offers a glimpse into Malaysian heritage.